Albedo - NetShark

Albedo - NetShark
  • Handheld tap with filtering
  • Dual Port in-line capture at Wirespeed of up to 1 Gbit/s
  • Compact state with 2xSFP + 2x1000BASE-T + 2xUSB + 2xRJ45 + 1xSD weighing just 2 pounds
  • Built-in Screen, Keyboard. AC/DC input and/or NiMH Batteries giving up to 5 hours use
  • Can be configured with or without a PC/Lap Top
  • Remote control from PC/Lap top iPad or iPhone etc using VNC
  • 16 x 2 simultaneous filters can be applied to the traffic including MAC, IP, VLAN, TCP, UDP etc
  • Ethernet Frames: IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.1Q
  • IP packet: IPv4 (IETF RFC 791)
  • Jumbo Frames: up to 17kB MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)
  • Network exploration of the network automatically lists the most important addresses and VLAN’s.
  • Local Storage: SD storage in PCAP format
  • Drop Port for storage to PC/Lap Top or Hard Drive
  • Download configurations via web interface
  • Suitable for both Laboratories and/or Field Work
  • Ideal for arbitration or fault finding between Carriers/ISP’s and PBX manufacturers


Item code: 158522

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