Rohde & Schwarz - AM300

Rohde & Schwarz - AM300

The R&S®AM300 is a dual-channel Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator that offers high functionality and spectral purity at a favourable price. With its superior characteristics, the instrument reproduces the digitally generated signals almost distortion-free - even at high output levels and frequencies. The R&S®AM300 thus meets requirements of a reference source for a number of tasks.
With a high sampling rate of up to 100 MSa/s, a 256K-point waveform memory per channel and the Waveform Composer software, almost any waveform can be realized - no matter whether for applications in the lab, production or service.
The two channels of the instrument are precisely phase-coupled and thus allow the generation of analog I/Q signals with which, for example, the RF Signal Generator R&S®SM300 can be modulated. The upper frequency limit of 35 MHz for sine signals and 50 MHz for square signals provides enough scope for future tasks.

  • 2 Channels with precise phase relation between the signals
  • Sample Rate 100 MSa/s
  • 14 Bit vertical resolution
  • Standard functions: sine, triangle, ramp, exponential, square, noise and pulse
  • Modulation: AM, FM, φM, FSK, PSK
  • Burst, Gate and Sweep function
  • USB interface

Item code: 161239

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