Rohde & Schwarz - CMW270

Rohde & Schwarz - CMW270

Wireless Connectivity Tester
The R&S®CMW270 is the ideal test solution for integrated wireless communications solutions as used in laptops, netbooks, game consoles, data cards and wireless headsets. Within the R&S®CMW500 product family, the R&S®CMW270 offers functionality tailored to the above applications. The tester provides generator and analyzer functionality for standards such as WLAN, Mobile WiMAX™, Bluetooth® and FM Stereo as well as for GPS and broadcast technologies. Plus, it includes a Mobile WiMAX™ base station emulator for use in the development, production and servicing of Mobile WiMAX™ devices.

Key Facts:

  • Multiple-standard RF measurements for WLAN, Mobile WiMAX™, Bluetooth® and FM Stereo
  • General-purpose ARB generator for WLAN, Mobile WiMAX™, Bluetooth®, FM Stereo, GPS and broadcast technologies
  • Dual-tester concept with R&S®Multi-Evaluation List mode for speed and cost-optimized production
  • Continuous frequency range up to 6 GHz
  • Optional Mobile WiMAX™ base station emulator with MIMO support for matrix A, matrix B and collaborative
  • Optional P-based end-to-end test for Mobile WiMAX™ performance verification up to 36 Mbit/s


  •    CMW-B200A    1202.6104.02
  •    CMW-B110A    1202.5508.02
  •    CMW-B270A    1202.6504.02
  •    CMW-B612A    1202.5608.02
  •    CMW-B690A    1202.5908.02
  •    CMW-P752    1202.7200.02
  •    CMW-S590A    1202.5108.02
  •    CMW-S600C    1201.0102.04
  •    CMW-KL900    1203.1858.12

Item code: 161242

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Rohde & Schwarz CMW270

Wireless Connectivity Tester

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